“It is wrong to say that what is useful is beautiful.
It is what is beautiful that is useful. Beauty can improve the way people live and think!”

Anna Castelli Ferrieri

About us

In this period of upheaval in our lifestyles, our homes, our workplaces, and even in the rethinking of our hotel offerings, the search for comfort, conviviality, serenity and functionality is becoming a priority more than ever.

In fact, in this new context, feeling good at home first, then having pleasure in returning to one’s working environment and preserving the social ties that allow us to evolve, are now concerns for all of us, building professionals first and foremost.

As interior architects, our expertise is essential in responding to these new aspirations, taking into account the regulatory, technical and environmental constraints that are increasingly imposed on us.

One of Atelier CM’s roles is to provide solutions to meet your expectations and objectives.


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