About us

Claire and Atelier CM

The search for comfort, conviviality, serenity but also functionality, is the priority more than ever.

After five years of study at the EFET school of interior architecture, Claire is recognised as an “interior architect” by the professional organisation CFAI (Conseil Français des Architectes d’Intérieur).

After several rewarding years in Paris working for various architectural agencies, then as head of interior architecture for sixteen years at “Sahuc & Katchoura Architectes”, “Tétris” (JLL Group) asked me to manage one of the interior architecture departments at its Paris-La Défense head office. After two years in management, I decided at the end of 2020 to move to Lisbon and set up “Atelier CM Architecture Intérieure & Design” there in 2021.

Drawing on its many years of experience, “Atelier CM” can help you with your renovation, restructuring or interior design projects, and help you to incorporate all the latest trends and environmental innovations, as appropriate. At the same time, we can provide you with the functionality, aesthetic appeal and well-being you need to make your home or workplace more attractive and motivating.