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Interior architecture & Design


Pre-acquisition advice

Prevention is better than running !
Prevention is better than running !

When negotiating the purchase of your home or business premises, whether new, second-hand or old, you want to be reassured !

I can assist you during a site visit to help you assess the positive points or constraints for your future developments and help you make a decision.

Rates on request

Decorating advice

Give life to your wishes !

You want to change the atmosphere of your interior spaces without breaking anything !
Bringing a new, more modern, brighter, warmer and more serene air…

You need to formalise your preferences !

Based on your existing plans, I can arrange a meeting with you to discuss your wishes and come up with the right ideas.

  • A general plan
  • Moodboard (aesthetic orientation, furniture, lighting, colours, materials, etc.)
  • A shopping list
  • A 3D visual

Interior architecture assignment

Advisory visit

Be at your side !
Prestation -Visite conseil Architecture intérieure & Design - Atelier CM

An appointment to …

  • listen to you
  • get a feel for the place
  • understand and translate your expectations…

… for your home or business premises.

After this meeting, and on the basis of plans provided by you, Atelier CM sends you a proposal for a sketching mission.

You accept the sketch assignment ! …

Sketch assignment

The first ideas !
Prestation - Mission d'Esquisse Architecture intérieure & Design - Atelier CM

At the second meeting, Atelier CM will present you with the draft of your project, i.e. the organisation of the spaces and the aesthetic intentions based on our 1st meeting.

This includes :

  • 2 freehand proposals
  • 1 an atmospheric Moodboard
  • 1 visual perspective

If you’re happy with the sketch, we’ll continue ! …

Part-time work

The keys to realising your project yourself !…
Réaliser votre projet d'Architecture intérieure & Design - Atelier CM

After discussing and approving the design guidelines, Atelier CM draws up the General Design Project (GDP) file.

This file, made up of plans, cross-sections and significant details at different scales and perspective views, helps you to understand the project and to consult companies that will provide the estimates needed to complete your project.

  • General design drawings file
  • Brief description of the work
  • Choice of materials and equipment

With this file, you can :

  • Carry out the work yourself,
  • or get quotes from companies and monitor the work,
  • or entrust the rest to Atelier CM, and then …

… the Complete Mission takes over !

Full mission

Ensuring that your project is carried out properly !
réalisation de votre projet d'Architecture intérieure & Design - Atelier CM

In the case of a complete assignment, the general design file for the project is sent to the contractors for costing. This is followed up as follows :

  • Receipt of quotations
  • Assistance in selecting contractors
  • Follow-up to ensure that the project is being carried out correctly and that it meets the aesthetic requirements

Case-by-case rates on request

Custom furniture design

Optimise your space !

You wish to organise, tidy up and divide up your space to make it more attractive and functional for a specific use.

Made-to-measure furniture and fittings allow you to adapt them to your interior and personalise it.

Rates on request

Réaliser votre projet d'Architecture intérieure & Design - Atelier CM
Conception de mobilier et agencement - mezzanine - Architecture intérieure & Design - Atelier CM
Réaliser votre projet d'Architecture intérieure & Design - Atelier CM